CMHA Southeast Region Presentations

CMHA has developed several presentations designed to provide information on a variety of topics related to mental health and mental illness. Each presentation can be modified to meet your group’s specific needs.

Presentations are provided free-of-charge to schools, support groups and the public. A fee may apply for other presentations; please contact us for details

To book a presentation, please contact (403) 504-1811 ext. 106 or

Beat Stress Before It Beats You

(1 -2 hours) Stress affects everyone. 75-80% of all diseases are stress related. This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge to evaluate, define and determine what is causing the stress in their lives. Participants will learn stress management techniques to help beat the stress in their lives!


Budgeting For Beginners

(2 hours) This seminar provides basic information regarding the development of a monthly and yearly budget. The program is designed for participants to learn and apply the budgeting practices based on their own individual incomes and expenses.


Good Grief, Charlie Brown

Grief is often difficult for teens acknowledge and express. This 70-80 minute presentation on "Teen Grief" looks at the subject of loss and explores the grieving process that often follows. It focuses on what grief is, what it means to the individual, expressions of grief, loss, mourning, empathy, anger and strategies for supporting others and themselves for times of loss. It includes a section on helping family and friends when they grieve and identifying adults they can talk to when they need support.


Lose Your Luggage and Love It: Motivating Yourself to Take Action and Take Control of Your Life

(1-3 hours) For those who are looking at making changes in their lives, Lose Your Luggage looks at how to set goals and make action plans. It explores the barriers, like difficult emotions, negative thinking, low self esteem, guilt and poor communication that get in the way of completing these plans and making the changes we want. It looks at forgiveness and how we can forgive others and ourselves. It explores guilt and how to let go of it. It teaches how to change negative thinking into positive.


Self Care

(1-3 hours) When we get so busy taking care of everything else, we often forget to take care of our selves. This workshop reminds us why we need to be our first priority and then gives helpful tools to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in our relationships.



A presentation targeted for those who are intentionally harming themselves, or those in contact with people who self-harm.


Supporting Individuals With A Mental Disorder

(1-3 hours) This seminar will give basic information on various mental health disorders. It will provide practical tips and tools to individuals interacting with someone diagnosed with a mental health disorder.


Work Life Balance

(1-3 hours) This workshop explores the many roles we have at work and at home. It teaches us to set priorities, organize our time efficiently and create a solid line between work and personal time. Practical tips to maintain this solid line are offered.


Yellow Ribbon Program / Suicide Awareness

An informative and interactive session with students designed to help them understand suicide, its warning signs, interventions, community resources and self-care strategies. The Yellow Ribbon Program teaches youth that its OK to Ask 4 Help. The yellow ribbon card is a safe, simple and effective way to ask for help when the words are not there. Our goal with this program is make sure the cards are in the hands of each and every one of our youth... just in case they need someone to talk to.


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