Programs and Services

The Canadian Mental Health Association offers a variety of different programs and services.

Youth Mental Health Outreach Worker

This program works to identify the mental health needs of youth. Through support groups, informal gathering and education, youth and those who work with youth now have an additional resource to help them navigate adolescence and understand the realities and impact of mental health for teens and young adults.

Seniors' Outreach Program for Elder Abuse

This program provides education and awareness about elder abuse. This includes short-term case management and referrals for individuals at risk of, or currently experiencing, elder abuse.


Regional Suicide Prevention Program

This program provides the following suicide prevention services throughout southeastern Alberta:


Mental Health Education Program

Part of CMHA Alberta Southeast Region’s mandate includes the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of mental health. One of the ways the Association does this is through education. CMHA provides:


Community Helpers Program

The Community Helpers Program promotes the principles of capacity building. In every community there are people to whom others naturally turn when they need help. These “community helpers” can be anyone associated with youth, including friends, team-mates, coaches, neighbors, teachers, clergy, etc.

The objectives of the Community Helpers Program are to:

Community Helpers are identified through an anonymous survey that is distributed throughout an entire group (for example, a school). The survey asks youth to identify those in the community who they feel they could turn to for help if they had a personal problem. The youth are asked to name two of their peers and two adults. Identified community helpers are offered training to help build their capacity to continue providing support to youth

For more information on this program please call: 403-504-1811 ext 103


Financial Administration Program

The Financial Administration Program helps people learn the skills required to manage personal finances. This includes learning how to develop and stick to a budget. Participants also learn how to reduce debt and pay bills on time. This is done through group learning sessions and/or individual appointments.

Systems Navigation Program

Designed to provide help and advocacy for individuals who are having difficulty accessing the services they need, this program provides information and referral to community resources in southeastern Alberta. 

For more info call 504-1811 ext 101 or email


Whispers of Wellness (WOW) Peer Support Group

WOW is a group for people living with mental health issues. This is an open group, which means you can join at any time. WOW provides opportunities to learn more about coping with mental health issues while meeting people who have similar experiences.

CMHA Educators facilitate this peer support group every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm in the CMHA office located at #204, 1865 Dunmore Rd SE.

For more info call 504-1811 or email


Housing First Program

CMHA Alberta Southeast Region embraces the principle of Housing First—that every person has the right to a safe, secure home. Based on this philosophy, individuals in the program are housed and then provided additional services as needed. Both the Government of Alberta’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness and the City of Medicine Hat’s 5 Year Plan to End Homelessness are based on the core principles of Housing First.

CMHA Alberta Southeast Region’s Housing First program employs 3 outreach workers and 1 team leader who provide intensive case management and support to individuals participating in the program.

For more information on Housing First in Alberta, click here


For more information:

For resources and more information about mental health and mental illness, visit the CMHA National website.