Our Mission

We are a regional voluntary organization that promotes the mental health of all people while supporting individuals and families experiencing mental illness.

Our Vision

Mentally Healthy People in a Healthy Society

Our Values

We believe that the following elements are critical to mental health: acceptance into the community, a personally satisfying quality of life, social justice, self-determination, appropraite and adequate resources, and support.

CMHA Alberta Southeast Region promotes mental health through educational programs, research, advocacy, social action and support for those impacted by mental health issues.

History of CMHA and The POST

Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Southeast Region (CMHA) started in September 1964, operating under the umbrella of CMHA Alberta Division. In September 1993, CMHA Alberta Southeast Region incorporated as a stand-alone charitable not-for-profit organization.

In 1979, the Board of Directors of CMHA began organizing a second-hand store, selling donated goods as a source of revenue to operate CMHA programs and services. The store was managed and operated entirely by volunteers. Initially, these volunteers were recruited through radio ads, newspaper ads and church bulletins. The store opened on 1023 Allowance Avenue with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by Mayor Milt J. Reinhardt in early December 1979.

In 1985, after outgrowing its original location, The POST moved to Aberdeen Street. It remained there until 1988 when it moved to another building on Aberdeen Street to co-locate with the CMHA office. After outgrowing this space in 1999, The POST moved to its current location (410 South Railway Street). The CMHA office moved to the Regional Resource Centre building behind the hospital until 2001, when the office moved to current location (#204 - 1865 Dunmore Road).

The POST was operated solely by volunteers for over 18 years until the first paid employee was hired in 1998. Staff numbers at the CMHA office varied, depending on the availability of funding.

In 1999, a supportive employment program for individuals experiencing mental health issues was officially started at The POST. At this time, each section of the store (i.e., Treasure Store, Clothing Store and Bookstore) was operated independently of each other. In 2004 the clothing and treasure departments merged, with the Bookstore moving into its own space next door.

Over time, more paid staff have been required to operate The POST, although CMHA still heavily relies on volunteers. Any revenue generated through this supported employment program remains in the community and is used to fund CMHA programs and services.